Cannabis and Hemp Milk Chai

Fragrant, spicy chai gets a twist with the addition of creamy vegan hemp milk and cannabis-infused maple syrup.

Flower Power Tea

Swap the caffeine for cannabis with this tart and refreshing cold-brew hibiscus iced tea.

Mango Bong Lassi

Bhang lassi is a traditional Indian drink infused with fresh cannabis and spices. Our cheekily-named version honours the flavours of the original, but is easier to make.

Cannabis Simple Syrup

The one ingredient you need to craft delicious cannabis-infused mocktails.

Paloma Fizz Ganja Cocktail

The best Paloma recipes are crisp and refreshing. Ours is both, and cannabis-infused to boot!

Ganja Vietnamese Coffee

This sweet and creamy Vietnamese coffee will hit you with the caffeine jolt you'd expect from the classic South Asian drink, before the mellowing effects of the cannabis-infused condensed milk take effect.

Blueberry Cannabis Mule

Our cannabis-infused simple syrup creates a lovely base for buzzy, non-alcoholic cocktails, including this blueberry-spiked version of the classic Moscow Mule.

Almond Milk Infused Power Smoothie

The ultimate healthy breakfast meets delicious treat. This healthy, tasty, medicated power smoothie is the…

Infused Almond Milk

Almond milk is a healthy and vegan alternative to using regular cow’s milk. We love it for our morning smoothie, tea or coffee to get the day started off right!

Infused Hot Cocoa

Classic hot chocolate is enhanced with your favourite cannabis infused milk and good quality chocolate…