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Dreamy Dumplings

Wrap your cannabis in the soft embrace of a warm dumpling.

Happy Hummus

Put the yummus and the fun-ness back in hummus with a dose of cannabis-infused olive oil.

Can Cannabis Cure Your Menstrual Cramps?

Cannabis is an increasingly popular treatment for dysmenorrhea, or menstrual pain. Here, we talk to patients and a doctor to find out why.

Cannabis-Infused Bao, Three Ways

Use these dense, fluffy and cannabis-infused buns to sandwich your favourite sweet and savoury fillings, from shredded meat to curries to marshmallows and more.

Korean Kush Ribs with Apple Slaw

You'll want seconds of these soft pork ribs, glazed with a gochujang and cannabis honey sauce and topped with Granny Smith apple slaw.

Artist Jessica Gorlicky on Creativity, Confidence and Cannabis

“Looking at the world in a slightly different light opens up new ideas.”