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Is Cannabis Good or Bad for Depression?

The answer depends on who you ask. Here we look to patient stories, research and medical advice for answers.

Scallops with Cannabis and Aji Amarillo

Choose a fruity cannabis strain to infuse this hearty dish of scallops and hot pepper sauce nestled in a bed of roasted sweet potatoes.

Cannabis for IBD and IBS

Cannabis has been used to treat digestive disorders for centuries. Learn what the research says it about its potential to help IBS and IBD now.

Spanish Noodle Paella

Switch the rice for noodles and add cannabis oil for an elevated take on paella.

Coffee, Caramel and Cannabis Creme Brulee

This triple-hitter combines the flavours (and effects) of coffee, caramel and cannabis, with delicious results.

Cannabis and Quality of Life in Older Adults

Can cannabis help aging adults enjoy a better life? When it comes to these five common symptoms and conditions, the answer may be yes.