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Spanish Noodle Paella

Switch the rice for noodles and add cannabis oil for an elevated take on paella.

Coffee, Caramel and Cannabis Creme Brulee

This triple-hitter combines the flavours (and effects) of coffee, caramel and cannabis, with delicious results.

Cannabis and Quality of Life in Older Adults

Can cannabis help aging adults enjoy a better life? When it comes to these five common symptoms and conditions, the answer may be yes.

Celebrate with Cannabis Charcuterie

Elevate your next celebration with a selection of cannabis-infused jams, jellies and spreads, perfect for serving alongside your favourite meats and cheeses.

Why You Should Keep Your Cannabis Prescription After Legalization

Accessing legal cannabis is about to get a whole lot easier for Canadians - but don’t toss that medical prescription just yet.

A Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving Feast

Inspire genuine gratitude with this Thanksgiving feast, a delightful mix of traditional flavour and modern presentation.