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Hempster inspires wellness through healthy cannabis choices.

Our mandate is to highlight how cannabis can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. We offer products, chef-created recipes and educational stories for adults who consume cannabis, or are curious about it.

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Get Educated

Stay informed on the latest news, education, culture and more at Hempster’s News & Education section. If you are looking to get started with cannabis or simply learn more, check out our guide, ‘Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis’.

Everything you need to know about cannabisNews & Education

Elevated Edibles

We are tired of not knowing how to accurately calculate dosages and eating food with a horrible bitter taste. At Elevated Edibles, you’ll find gourmet quality food tastefully incorporating cannabis with instruction suitable for everyday cooking.

New to cooking with cannabis? Our Guide to Cooking with Cannabis provides cannabis users with a safe and clear guide on how to effectively cook gourmet cannabis infused food. Whatever your purpose is for cooking with cannabis, our guide provides everything you need to know from start to finish.

Guide to cooking with cannabisElevated Edibles

Find Products

We are proud to have the best and most comprehensive cannabis product database in Canada.

Check out our Products and Strains page for all cannabis products legally available in Canada. Even better, filter all strains and products by desired effects, medical uses, product type, flavours and more.

*Hempster’s strain and product data does not constitute professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor before using cannabis for medical purposes.


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