Scallops with Cannabis and Aji Amarillo

Choose a fruity cannabis strain to infuse this hearty dish of scallops and hot pepper sauce nestled in a bed of roasted sweet potatoes.

Spanish Noodle Paella

Switch the rice for noodles and add cannabis oil for an elevated take on paella.

A Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving Feast

Inspire genuine gratitude with this Thanksgiving feast, a delightful mix of traditional flavour and modern presentation.

Butternut Squash Hasselback with Cannabis Butter

Elegant, yet easy, this simple squash side is sure to impress.

Harvest Moon Festival Menu

Looking for a Mid-Autumn Festival menu with a little something extra? Ours has cannabis.

Indian-Spiced Grilled Chicken Legs

Spiced, but not too spicy, these tender yogurt-marinated chicken legs are the perfect weeknight main. Serve them as is, or dip them in our cannabis-infused raita and mango chutney.

Roasted Eggplant with Cannabis, 4 Ways

Roast it, sauce it and serve it with cannabis. However you slice it, these variations on roasted eggplant offer equally healthy ways to savour your medicine.

Dreamy Dumplings

Wrap your cannabis in the soft embrace of a warm dumpling.

Cannabis-Infused Bao, Three Ways

Use these dense, fluffy and cannabis-infused buns to sandwich your favourite sweet and savoury fillings, from shredded meat to curries to marshmallows and more.

Korean Kush Ribs with Apple Slaw

You'll want seconds of these soft pork ribs, glazed with a gochujang and cannabis honey sauce and topped with Granny Smith apple slaw.

Edibles Dinner Party: The Mexican Fiesta

Mexican street food favourites get a dose of cannabis for a truly buzz-worthy dinner party menu.

Chronic Scallop Ceviche

Celebrate the sensations of the ocean with this citrusy, cannabis-seasoned ceviche.

Infused Mediterranean Fish en Papillote

Fresh fish gets a flavourful treatment thanks to lemon, Kalamata olives, white wine and cannabis-infused olive oil.

Reefer Seafood Risotto

Risotto isn't as hard as you think, but it is rewarding, especially when it's finished with a flavourful cannabis infusion.

Gooey Ganja Mac & Cheese

Instead of enjoying your cannabis before or after your mac and cheese, this cannabutter-based recipe lets you eat them together, amping the comfort factor on the classic dish.

Swiss Cheese Fondue with Cannabis and Chipotle

Fondue is the perfect social meal - a leisurely, communal dish that naturally leads to conversation, especially when it's infused with cannabis.

Creamy Vegetarian Lasagna with Cannabis and Béchamel

We guarantee our creamy, cannabis-infused vegetarian lasagna will change the way you think about this classic staple.

Ganja Pepper Shrimp

Adding cannabis butter to a classic pepper shrimp recipe puts a delicious and contemporary spin on a beloved dish.

Sweet & Spicy Canna-Honey Chicken Wings

Our take on this classic combines the smokey heat of eastern spices with the sweetness of the infused honey.

Cannabis-Infused Homemade Pasta Dough

This homemade, authentic cannabis-infused pasta dough can be made into any pasta or lasagna dish, or frozen for future use.

Thai Ganja Green Curry

The flavours of this curry will take you on a culinary adventure to the markets of Chiang Mai.