3 Ways to Make Cannabis Your Gateway Drug to Sex

Weed is unlikely to lead to harder drugs, but it can lead to great sex. Here are three fun ways to use cannabis to kindle romance.

Create a romantic cannabis spa

Cannabis Spa Bath

Looking to cultivate a calm and romantic evening? Our super simple cannabis bath salts recipe is just the ticket for soaking your troubles away together, and a great option for couples seeking a non-psychoactive (but still mind-blowing) experience.

Pro tip: Avoid getting too relaxed and spike your bath salts with essential oils known for their stimulating, rather than calming effects. Floral scents like rose, jasmine and neroli are thought to be energizing and aphrodisiacal, while lavender and chamomile are known sedatives, and best avoided (unless your idea of a hot night is literally sleeping together.)

Follow your shared soak with a luxurious cannabis coconut oil massage (yes, you can put it anywhere) and you’ll both be clean and slippery.

Cook a gourmet cannabis-infused dinner

Loving is hungry work. Feed (and stimulate) your passion with a cannabis-infused dinner. Select your favourite aphrodisiac marijuana strain to create your base infusions of cannabutter or cannabis coconut oil, then get cooking.

You know your lover best, so choose from our lovin’ comfort food or elevated classics menus below, or explore Hempster’s many cannabis-infused recipes and develop your own selection. It’s up to you whether to infuse all the dishes, or just one, but if this is your first time eating cannabis, we recommend starting with our cooking with cannabis guide.

Down Home Lovin’ – Comfort Food Menu

Corn on the Cob with Smoky Chipotle Cannabutter
Jalapeno-Bacon Mac and Cheese
Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

The Height of Romance – Elevated Classics Menu

French Onion Soup
Cedar Planked Arctic Char and Maple-Cannabis Butter
Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Get high and stare into each other’s eyes (yes, really)

In 1967, UC Berkeley students Arthur Aron and Elaine Spaulding fell madly, deeply in love after an on-campus kiss. The pair quickly married and set about studying love. Over time they developed a list of 36 questions and an eye gazing protocol that they used to accelerate intimacy between strangers in a lab setting, as famously explored in Mandy Lee Catron’s Modern Love essay, To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This.

Neither the Arons nor Catron prescribe cannabis for their romantic formula, but THC is known to produce oxytocin, the same hormone released by positive social interactions, and a chemical component of humans feel closeness. Besides, a small dose of can work as a stellar aphrodisiac. So whether you share a puff to augment the intimacy of all that soulful questioning and gazing, or just enjoy a quick hit before getting down to business, cannabis may be just the spice you need to heat up your next date night.

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