The Ultimate Homemade Edibles Gift Guide

Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for your favourite cannabis chef, or just looking for cool new ways to process and serve your stash, these products are all about creating and consuming cannabis edibles with style.

Nova decarboxylator

Nova decarboxylator for Hempster

Decarboxylating (heating your cannabis in order to activate its cannabinoids, and therefore its effects) is arguably the trickiest part of making cannabis infusions from scratch. Enter the Nova decarboxylator, a temperature-controlled unit that allows you to activate your cannabis at a steady heat.

Small, and easy to store, the Nova also doubles as a small-batch infusion machine: simply fill a small jar with oil and your freshly decarbed cannabis, press the button and let the Nova do the rest.

Bonus: this two-in-one machine offers a discreet olfactory experience, so if the fragrance of toasted cannabis isn’t something you (or your neighbours) relish, you’re covered. Still not sure what to do with all that decarbed cannabis? We’ve got lots of ideas for you. Plus Nova also sells a handy caramel kit featuring four flavours of goat milk caramel sauces, easy instructions, and all the tools you need to infuse the sauces inside the Nova.

Nova decarboxylator, $265 CAD at Toronto Hemp Company; Sweet Quartet Caramel Infusion Kit, $35 USD at Ardent Cannabis.

Magical Butter Machine MB2emagical butter machine mb2e

For jumbo batches of infused oils and butters, or for making alcohol-based tinctures at home, the Magical Butter Machine MB2e is your workhorse. This mega-infuser can handle up to 5 cups of oil, butter or alcohol. Simply add your decarbed cannabis (or any other herb), pour in your infusion base, set and forget.

The MB2e also comes with a silicon glove and heavy-duty Purify Filter, so you can easily strain your plant matter from finished infusion.

Magical Butter MB2e, $214 CAD at Amazon.

Sous Vide machine

Anova for Hempster

A sous vide machine is Hempster head chef Ronnie Fishman‘s infuser of choice. In addition to infusing oils and butters at a consistent temperature, a sous vide machine will also help you create non-infused meals like a pro chef. Any sous vide machine can be used for infusing; this one from Anova gets good reviews.

Anova Precision Cooker 4.0 – Wi-Fi, $ 199 CAD at Anova.

Pretty serving vesselsMilkweed Midnight Tray for Hempster

Whether you find them at your nearest dollar store, or spring for something sparklier, pretty jars and bottles are the perfect gift for someone who makes a lot of infusions. (But even better is a pretty jar or bottle filled with infused oil or butter). We’re also partial to this spacey Midnight tray, a dreamy way to serve your favourite holiday edibles, as well as their non-infused counterparts. Bonus, it doubles as a rolling tray!

Midnight Tray, $55 CAD, available at Milkweed.

Stashie custom labels

Stashie for Hempster cannabis

You’ve decarboxylated your cannabis, infused it into the base of your choice and packed it into a pretty vessel, now there’s just one more step – labelling it! Labelling is key to preventing accidental ingestion, and while it’s true that any old sticker will do, it takes a special one to let you do you.

Stashie creates designer stash stickers, a beautiful and practical solution for labelling homemade cannabis edibles, tinctures and oils.

$6 per sheet of 12 stickers in various sizes, available at Stashie.