Photo by Christin Hume

5 Easy, Healthy Ways to Take Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oils are still relatively new to the legal market, so it’s natural to have questions about using them. Whether you purchase yours from a licensed producer (LP) or make them at home, oils offer a healthy and versatile method of consuming cannabis, typically with longer-lasting effects than inhaled forms.

Here are our favourite ways to use cannabis oils:

As is

Whether you’re eating one of Chef Ronnie’s delicious infusions straight off the spoon or taking a direct squirt of your prescription oil, this is definitely the easiest way to consume cannabis oil. Just measure your preferred dose and down it!

With food

For some people, adding oil to food is a way of hiding its flavour. For others, adding oil to food is a way of celebrating the cannabis plant’s terpenes, the aromatic compounds that give weed (and other plants) its distinctive flavours and aromas.

Around here, we like to treat cannabis as a culinary herb, pairing particular strains with particular recipes, and using it to enhance our dining experience as well as physical and mental state. Check out our Complete Guide to Cooking with Cannabis for tips on terpene pairings, or use your nose as you would when experimenting with any other herb or spice.

With drinks

Cannabis oil is nice in smoothies, but you can also turn it into a pretty sweet mocktail by blending it into a honey-based simple syrup first. It’s a bit of a process, but once you’re done, you’ll have a twist on a classic cocktail that looks and tastes great, whether you’re consuming for medical reasons or pure enjoyment.

You can also stir your LP oil directly into your favourite coffee or tea.

In capsules

If you dislike the taste of cannabis oil, or need a discreet way to take it, you can buy empty gel caps at your local health food store and fill them with your prescription. Some licensed producers also sell pre-filled oil capsules, or offer kits and instructions for making them at home.

On your skin

Topical oils typically don’t cause intoxicating effects, because they’re not absorbed into the bloodstream the same way ingested oils are. You can rub infused coconut oil, infused olive oil or LP oil directly on your skin, but it’s even nicer if you add essential oils first. If this method interests you, be sure to check out our recipe for a quick and easy homemade cannabis cream. Keep in mind that the therapeutic effects of topical cannabis are not as well understood as other methods. Topical application is unlikely to cause harm, but it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before swapping it for ingestion methods you may have been prescribed, like vaping flower or ingesting oil.

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