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This Month in Cannabis Research

Can parasitic worms get you high? Can cannabis treat your IBS? Are the dogs going to pot? How researchers are answering some old - and some unexpected - cannabis questions.

Why Boomers Are Turning to Cannabis

Aging Canadians are among the nation's most enthusiastic medical cannabis users. Find out why.

This Month in Cannabis Research

Hope for Alzheimer’s patients, who's eating all the edibles, and why you should never, ever give cannabis to a pregnant fish.

Pairing Weed and Food: 5 Chef-Approved Tips for Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis can be a culinary treat, if you follow these simple tips from Hempster chef Ronnie Fishman.

Is Cannabis Your Next Skincare Super Ingredient?

Topical cannabis has known pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits. Could it be cosmetically useful, too?

Recreational Cannabis Is Almost Legal, So Why Aren’t We Forgiving Convictions?

The cannabis industry is booming. In the meantime, activists and lawyers warn that the current criminal system disproportionately penalizes people of colour for so-called cannabis crimes.

How to Be An Eco-Friendly Cannabis Consumer

Go green, really green, with these tips for making environmentally conscious cannabis choices.

Sorry, Your Hemp-Based CBD Oil Is Still Probably Illegal in Canada

Cannabis-based CBD is legal by prescription, and hemp is a legal crop in Canada, so it makes sense that hemp-based CBD would be legal and widely available. But it's not.

Hemp and Cannabis in WW1

From providing field medicine to parachute material, cannabis and hemp played a supporting role in the First World War.

God’s Gift or the Devil’s Weed? Cannabis in Conservative Christian Communities

From ancient biblical texts to modern stoner Bible studies, the role of cannabis in conservative Christian communities is contentious at best. One believer examines them all.

3 Ways to Make Cannabis Your Gateway Drug to Sex

Weed is unlikely to lead to harder drugs, but it can lead to great sex. Here are three fun ways to use cannabis to kindle romance.

Top 5 Healthy Munchies

Using medicinal cannabis can have some side effects, from dry mouth to the munchies (increased appetite). Here are some great, healthy snacks to have on hand.

Do Cannabis Users Have More Sex?

A new study from the United States found that regular marijuana users were actually having more sex than nonsmokers. However, the study noted that the effects of marijuana use on sexual function warrant further study.

The Ultimate Homemade Edibles Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect present for your favourite cannabis-loving chef? We've got you covered.