Pairing Cannabis Terpenes with Food and Drink

There’s not much better than combining cannabis with food or drink. It can be a therapeutic, euphoric, and delicious experience when done right.

Cooking with cannabis effectively is one thing, but an elevated level is combining the varying subtle flavors and aromas of cannabis with your dish or drink.

A deeper appreciation is being found among cannabis consumers in the pairing of certain foods and drinks and terpenes with the marijuana plant. These terpenes have been found to enhance both the therapeutic and enjoyable effects of cannabis.

What are Terpenes

Essential oils found in a wide variety of plants are known as terpenes. These essential oils are responsible for many of the effects of the plant, and most notably, a plant’s aroma. In cannabis, the unique terpenes found in each strain are why some taste fruity and citrusy, and why some smell earthy and woody. The range of flavors is truly something to behold, and the flavours and aromas range widely.

Terpenes also have therapeutic and medicinal effects, such as limonene, a citrusy lemon note, responsible for the fruity smell, which has anti-bacterial and anti-depressant properties.

Pairing the Right Terpenes

Combining terpenes with food and drink is the same science of combining certain flavors with foods – delicious combinations enhancing each other, stimulating or arousing the appreciation of the other serving the ultimate enjoyment of the consumer.

Many chefs focus on the wide varieties of flavors in the cannabis plant, to combine them in a way, which enhances their cooking. Others focus more on the pairing of smells, or the stimulating effects of certain strains, such as combining aphrodisiacal strains with stimulating fruits such as strawberries.

Because of the terpenes found in food and cannabis a wide complexity of tastes arise, each unique in their own way.

When pairing weed with food, most consumers find this an easier combination to get right. The philosophy here is generally simple, one of combining those more subtle flavored strains of weed, with the more subtle rather than sharp, tasting wines.

Step by Step

The first thing to do is identify what food or drink you are cooking. From there, you can search for a flavour profile that works perfectly for you. The last consideration is to think about your desired effect. Thankfully, we’ve created a way where you can not only narrow down products by their flavour, but also by the effects you need.

If you care to discover the terpenes for yourself, smell the cannabis and identify the aromas. Is it citrusy, earthy, spicy? A vaporizer in this instance is a good way of finding out the more complex notes of a marijuana strain as it gives a far clearer picture of the full varieties of tastes and aromas within each particular strain.

As with the smell of certain foods enhancing the flavor, the aromas of certain marijuana strains can uplift the tastes of certain drinks.

Example Pairings

  • Steak and Eggs with an infused chimichurri sauce – Some mornings just call for an indulgence in a sizzling steak topped with a sunny side egg. Take it to the next level with an herbaceous, zesty, medicated chimichurri sauce that you can smother on top! Pair it perfectly with any strain filled with limonene to brighten the citrusy flavours.
  • Molten Lava Cake – These ooey gooey chocolate lava cakes don’t need much of an introduction. Pair it perfectly with linalool, which has a minty flavor with a hint of spice.
  • Frozen Ice Lemonade – This thirst quenching, body relaxing, absolutely delicious summer drink is perfect for any time of the day and is easy to make. Pair it perfectly with terpinolene, combining the earthy and floral notes with the minty, sour lemonade.

The science of pairing drinks and foods with terpenes is a wonderful one, and one that can be filled with fantastic discoveries of remarkable combinations that are thoroughly enjoyable for the cannabis consumer. The variety of ways the cannabis and associated terpenes can enhance the entire experience is also considerable.

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