5 Cannabis Miracle Stories

Despite its criticism in some medical discourses, cannabis has proven to make miracles happen, literally. People from all over the world have emerged with stories of how medical cannabis has changed a grim diagnosis to hope, positivity, healing, and health.

Here are 5 cannabis miracle stories that prove how important cannabis is to modern medicine:

1. 11 Year Old Sues Attorney Jeff Sessions for Medical Cannabis Access


An 11-Year old North-Texas girl Alexis Bortell is taking steps to sue the federal United States government for its refusal to legalize medical marijuana across the country. She has suffered from life-long seizures that were inhibiting her daily life. Her family moved to Colorado from Texas to access medical cannabis (tinctures), and since, she hasn’t had a seizure in almost 900 days.

2. Darren Miller cures inoperable lung cancer with cannabis

Darren Miller, a man from Illinois was told not too long ago that his lung cancer was inoperable and is now living cancer-free and has emerged as an activist. Miller combined his chemotherapy treatments with cannabis oil after reading about multiple stories of people being cured through cannabis. At the time, he couldn’t access medical marijuana and thus moved across country to California to access legal medical marijuana. Seven months after starting cannabis oil, Miller was assessed as cancer free. He is now back in Illinois and has started a compassionate cannabis program helping others understand their medical cannabis options.

3. NORML.org Chapter President Kicks Opiates with Cannabis


Deb Guy was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and degenerative joint disease and found herself taking a daily cocktail of Vicodin and Oxycontin to manage her pain in addition to ADHD medications. When she realized she wanted to have children, she recognized the potential damage of the opiates in her system and noticed she had grown a dependency. She kicked the opiates and the other medications and began smoking cannabis to manage her pain, making withdrawal much more manageable. It led her to open up a NORML.org chapter in her corner of Pennsylvania which promotes educational information about marijuana.

4. Sharon Kelly is cured of Stage-4 Lung Cancer with Cannabis Oil


Sharon Kelly, an Australian woman had never smoked a day in her life when she found out that she had stage-4 lung cancer and was given only 6 months to live. She began chemotherapy and soon found that the effects of the treatment had terrible side effects that she needed relief from and also heard the bad news that her cancer had mutated. Remission was not likely, and a cure was out of the question. This is when she tried cannabis oil. The cannabis oil not only worked wonders for the chemotherapy side effects, but she was surprised when a PET scan revealed NO CANCER. Sharon is now an advocate for medical cannabis as she shares her story.

5. Cannabis Makes MS Patient Feel what a normal body is like

While still remaining an incurable degenerative disease, Multiple Sclerosis patients such as Tracey A are lauding cannabis for its power to allow MS patients feel what it’s like to have a normal body. The disease which is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerve, often results in chronic pain and stiffness in the MS patient. As Tracey A. describes, using cannabis products acts as an immediate relief that gives her the freedom to live life without too many inhibitions due to her disease.

If these stories aren’t evidence of the incredible curing properties of cannabis, we don’ know what are! These stories highlight the importance of continuing to share relevant cannabis stories as the formal research on medical cannabis catches up to empirical evidence.