5 Best Ways to Consume Cannabis

Cannabis consumption methods continue to evolve as the purposes for using cannabis grow and more and more products are being developed.

After selecting the right type of flower or product for you, the most important consideration is how to us use it.

If you are new to cannabis and want to know what is right for you, or you have been sticking to one or two methods and are looking to change things up or enhance your experience, we’ve put together 5 of the most common ways to consume your cannabis:

1. Vape It

Vaporizing cannabis has grown in popularity and it’s no surprise to us. Vaporizers are a healthier alternative to smoking as they allow you to still inhale cannabis like you would when you smoke, but you are inhaling vapors rather than actual smoke.

Essentially, vaping is the heating of cannabis without burning it to release the active ingredients into a vapor. Since nothing is being burnt, smoke is not created. The surge in vaping and in different vaporizer options is due to several factors. Compared to smoking, it’s basically odorless, tastes great, eliminates the inhalation of toxins, and is extremely convenient.

Vaping has come a long way, with many different models on the market. The technologies between vaporizers range as certain models allow different vaporizing temperatures and even smart dosage monitoring.

Essentially there are two key differences: cannabis concentrate or flower. The most common vaporizers on the market contain concentrates in a variety of forms, most commonly oil or wax. These are really easy to use and simple to refill, with most requiring you to just change a cartridge when it is empty. The other method involves putting flower in the vaporizer itself. This is also very simple and is widely available.

2. Drop It

Using cannabis drops in the form of cannabis tinctures or oils is a common way to dispense medical marijuana, but is also a great way to get another form of cannabis concentrate in your endocannabinoid system. With cannabis drops, there’s no smoking or other real consumption preparation involved, and it is a convenient, measured, and discrete way to enjoy cannabis.

In addition to the drops, cannabis ingestible capsules are entering the market as well. Similar in their effect, these capsules can provide all the benefits of capsuled medications but using a natural remedy instead.

3. Smoke It

Inhalation is a common way to use marijuana and has been something that has brought cannabis enthusiasts together for generations. When inhaling, smoke is absorbed into the lungs before entering the bloodstream, and can provide a very quick effect.

For those who choose to smoke their cannabis, rolling a joint is an enjoyable tradition, along with smoking it in a bong or a glass pipe. For those who prefer this kind of smoking, there are many options available in your local head shop. Note that if you are worried about your pulmonary health, smoking cannabis may not be right for you.

Here’s a brief overview:

Rolling Papers

When smoking a joint or a blunt (think cigar), you roll the cannabis in rolling papers. Not much needs to be said about how this timeless process works. Some people may combine their cannabis with tobacco because they believe it improves the taste and burn of the joint or blunt. Just be mindful of the added harmful effects of consuming tobacco and nicotene.


Hand pipes are generally small, portable devices that are easy to use. Simply place the cannabis in the bowl, light and inhale. A pipe basically allows you to burn the flower and inhale it through the tube.

Water Pipes (Bongs)

Water pipes, most commonly bongs or bubblers, essentially operate in the same way as traditional pipes, except that they filter the smoke through water. While many people prefer this method of smoking since the water ‘cools’ the smoke, no evidence has been shown that it is better from a health perspective or if it provides any added filter.

4. Cook It

If you love to cook (or eat), cooking edibles can be a fun, delicious, and rewarding experience. While buying prepared edibles in Canada is not yet legal, edibles are easy to make at home. No need to stop with food – from cannamilk in your coffee to tossing some cannabis coconut oil into your morning smoothie, there are a number of ways you can have a little cannabis in your liquids.

You’ll want to ensure you know about the process of “decarboxylation” before you cook, as this is the process required to activate the THC to get the psychoactive effects. For safe, measured, delicious recipes, our guide to cooking with cannabis“> has you covered!

Remember, edibles can have a longer onset and can cause a more powerful high. Follow our guide to get yourself started.

5. Rub It

Topical delivery methods are an excellent alternative for people looking to get the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without any of the associated high. You won’t get any of the stimulation you would when otherwise using cannabis, but rather only localized relief. The cannabis in the cream is fully decarboxylated, and thus the cream contains activated therapeutic compounds.

Health Canada is slowly permitting these topicals and we are excited to see the wide range of potential benefits.

Honourable Mention

Dabbing has become popular in the “new generation” of inhaling your cannabis, using concentrates of high levels of THC about 2-3x greater than flower and a dabber device to inhale the concentrate. Cannabis concentrates are available through a variety of extraction methods including Butane Hash Oil (BHO) or other heat and pressure application methods. This method is really reserved for those with a higher tolerance as there can be intense effects associated.

No matter what your taste or style, cannabis is the plant that combines effectiveness with experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the miracle plant in a variety of contexts.

Be creative with your cannabis, share experiences with others, and most of all, enjoy!